Megascale 3D Concrete Printing for Construction and More

As seen on and in Architectural Digest--the game-changing concrete 3D printing technology operating in the USA today. Seen above is a rendering of our president Adam Kushner's concept for 3D printing a futuristic pool, pool pavilions and eventually a multi-bedroom home for his family on property in upstate New York. Work has begun on the property and printing is scheduled to commence in spring of 2018.


Why print concrete in 3D?

There are so many compelling reasons to 3D-print concrete. It provides great freedom of design (organic shapes and details in design without the need for forms or molds); time-saving; material-saving with leftover materials generally being able to be printed again; non-toxic concrete with a much smaller carbon footprint; rapid curing and strength. It can be used for architectural designs; art; coral reef replacement; military and space applications.


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Contact us for more information if you'd like to 3D print homes, developments, large scale art and even furniture.

D-Shape 3D-printed concrete sculpture and furniture by our founder, Enrico Dini

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